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The Beautiful History

Why do AFC Bournemouth play in cherry red? Why did Bolton Wanderers once sport white jerseys with red dots? What’s the relationship between Wycombe Wanderers’ swan and Humphrey, 6th Earl of Stafford, the first Duke of Buckingham in 1444? What does PP in Preston North End’s crest really mean? Why does Wigan Athletic’s first emblem bear so many symbols of royal favour? Who were the Peeping Toms?

The answers to these intriguing questions are all in this blog. A nostalgic journey of reminiscence it is dedicated to the crests, the club colours and the nicknames of all the clubs that have played in the Football League since the Second World War. From Accrington Stanley to York City.


Everything about crests, colours and nicknames is entirely logical if you know the local history or the background that led to the foundation of a club. However, sometimes stories are lost in the mists of antiquity. Without that knowledge of course, it is mystery defying explanation. This blog provides that knowledge.


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